Welcome to the first bottling water that really thinks in the environment.

We are a new company made with the highest quality standards inside the parameters that really help our environment. Our water is extracting from natural birth at the top of the mountain in the central cordillera.


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One of must important entertainment’s tool is the music. Although music has evolved giving satisfaction to everyone according to his taste is very important to have ready the list of your favorite singers or bands of music.

I want to share with you my Top 5 of my favorites bands:

  1. Bee gees Living Eyes 
  2. Bon Jovi New Jersey                  
  3. Def leppard Hysteria                  
  4. Aerosmith Permanent Vacation
  5. Poison Flesh & Blood

May be you are disagree with me but don’t forget that the music is an international language and everyone has different tastes.

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I had the opportunity to know different places in Calgary but one of my favorites was the Calgary Tower.

I think the Calgary Tower is the highest building or construction in the city. When you visit the Class balcony you can see all city and their most important places. The other buildings are small constructions beside it.

There is an interesting place in the skywalk where you can see the city under your feet and you feel to be in the air. !Simply amazing!.

When I return to Calgary with my family I think I will visit the Tower again with them.

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The last June I had the opportunity to visit Argentina and drink some excellent wine.

The city where I could enjoy the wine was Comodoro in Rivadavia’s Province. It is a small city with a most important windmill park in the country. the people are very nice and hot.

The city is close to the Antarctic Region and the weather is so cold.

I remember each afternoon I visited different places and drank the most light and delicious wine. I could see the beautiful late afternoon, watch the sunset and feel the light wind in my face.

If somebody asks me for a place to visit I would recommend Comodoro.

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“SPICY FOOD” food for “Machos”

In several countries people eat spicy food but  what happens with your health?? This is the question that many people ask. The doctors say that the human body can support spicy food but there are limits and there are consequences. Studies made for the National University of Mexico describes all health problems that Mexicans have because of spicy food.